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The Resort offers an unrestrained range of activities:ranging from village trekking to wave surfing.
Our guides can take you to remote traditional villages that can only be accessed by trekking. The area offers fabulous beaches and beautiful plains for horse riding. Although some of the activities are rather strenuous you can also choose to do nothing except stech out on the beach, relax by the swimming pool or take leisurly walks along the beach and explore the reefs at low tide among local people. It's all up to you! The stunning beaches (by some rated one of the best in Indonesia) are a short distance from the hotel: shuttle service is free"!

Being on Sumba you can experience one of the world's more
challenging surfing waves close to the hotel.
Kerewe, Marosi and Dasang are beaches facing south into
the Indian Ocean and therefore the surf is very consistent.
You will be a forerunner for those spots that still few
people have discovered.

Sumba south coast offers exceptional deep water fishing
possibilities; chances of catching Blue Marlin, Sailfish,Tuna and Wahoo are high.

Protected unspoiled reefs offer a great opportunity to snorkel at one of the nearby beaches (some known for regular turtle visits).

Sumba waters offer a unique diving experience through one of the worlds few dive-able undersea mountains; thousand of fish assemble near the seamountain included big fish.
Our dive centre is fully equipped but we don't have dive master and can not accept large group. This is a great spot for experienced divers.

One of the typical (and more spectacular) activities that cannot be missed is a horseback trip trough rough Sumba country. You will ride a Sumbanese horse in Sumbanese way (without saddle,just a blanket). We offer a number of guided horseback tours to beaches, forested countryside and to traditional villages.

Sumba landscape offers beautiful waterfalls, fabulous beaches, exciting hillside village routes, caves, coconut plantations, original forest, wide open plains, etc. A local guide will take you where you want to go and help you to find amazing places in keeping with your focus. There are many interesting walks from the resort: reaching villages through coconut plantation,crossing river and ricefield, discovering secluded stunning beaches along the coast.

You cannot visit Sumba and not visit a traditional stone-age village, this remarkable experience will leave an everlasting impression. Through our exceptional relationship with the local surrounding traditional villages, you will experience Sumbanese hospitality at its best.

According to Sumbanese men , chewing betel nuts is a full time activity! If you want to try, Mr. Ali is an usual consommateur and will teach you the right dose of each ingredient to get a nice taste. You need a kind of green asparagus which lives as a parasite creeper on trees, a nut from a special palm tree and lime, all having symbolic meaning. Offering "sirih pinang" when you enter a village will be the key to introduction.


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