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The island of Sumba is well known for its sandlewood, horses, impressive megalithic tombs,traditional villages, strange beliefs, typical hand woven textile (ikat), and still untouched beautiful beaches.

Capital of West Sumba ( 1 hour drive from the Hotel). A neat little town in West part of Sumba island. right in town are very traditionnal villages you will see old graves carved in motifs of buffalo horns, man heads, horses, nude men or women symbolizing social status or wealth of the people (megalithic tombs of Kadung Tana, Watu Karagata, and Bulu Peka Mila).
Tarung Village is an important ceremonial center.

Wanokaka:(I hour drive from Hotel)
Traditional villages and old megalithic tombs , Pasola in March.

Our hotel is here (right in the most still authentic area) Sodan is a very important village for Marapu , there you can find holy houses (rumah nyale-rumah wula podu) and sacred places, also a drum made from human skin that can only be showed on certain occasions and in the presence of `ratos` (priest/chief). The date for Wula podu and Pasola Lamboya is decided by rato of this village, the plain on a high ridge of line of hills (the panorama is fantastic).
At Patiala is the plain where Pasola Lamboya take place,just
close to Hotel . From Hotel and witout any vehicule , you can
reach many traditional villages off the beaten path: an old
anchor probably from a Portuguese vessel amazingly kept in a high hill village; holy house with eight carved bird's heads;
meet ratos and see one of the two horses which first open
Pasola on February.
Every where around you will be welcome as if you were a member of their family; you are staying at Mr Ali`s Hotel and Mr Ali has been introduced as member of their community and rebaptized with a local name.
Many beautiful ballades are sung inland,them everyday on hills or along the coast
Constantly discover pristine remote beaches and creeks.
You can often get ceremonies in Lamboya: see TRADITIONS & EVENTS Wula Podu,Topeng/Magowo, Pajura take place in October-November, Pasola in February, Pacuan in July-August. Yawu, weddings and burials all around the year.

Kodi:(3 hours drive from Hotel)
Starting from hotel , you will see cocoa plantation,cross a
gorge watching kids washing and riding buffalos , discover a 300 year old megalithic tombs on the beachside,a pretty naturel
harbour,tradtional villages and tombs,fine beaches and quite
cheap wooden handicrafts .You will return by another road
through teckwood forest, watch a very strong waterfall spurting
out of a cave and facing ricefields.Pasola Kodi is in February.

Pasola: for more details see TRADITIONS & EVENTS
Pasola is the name of a war tournement played by two groups of Sumbanese men riding decorated horses and flinging wooden spears at each other - really unique in the world .
At the Hotel you can view a film (1H20) about Pasola .

Anakalang:(1H30 drive from- Hotel)
Some villages of Anakalang are known for the largest
megalithic tombs in Sumba. Anakalang is the site of the
Purung Takadonga Ratu, an important mass marriage festival held every two'years,on a date determined by the full moon.

Capital of East Sumba(4 hours drive from Hotel). It is known with the traditional Ikat weaving(Prailiu) and some megalithic tombs are also found on this area.

Sumbanese houses,stone tombs and pretty original weaving
called "Pahikung".

Rende village have several traditional style buffalo horn
adorned Sumba houses and a number of massive carved stone graves. Here you can meet a wellknown King who explains the meaning of symbolic ikat motifs to local children to perpetuate traditions.This is also a great place to see high quality traditional Sumba Ikat.

Ikat Weaving: see details in TRADITIONS & EVENTS
Ikat textile in Sumba are worked an exchanged at important
ceremonies to show one's social status. At the funerals, the most exquisite textiles would be placed in the grave for use in the after world.

Matayangu is a large and beautiful waterfall located between Anakalang and Wanokaka,access is through wooded hills.
Manupeu National Park(Anakalang) is very interesting for
flora and fauna (Sumba has many unique birds).
Laputi(near Tarimbang) is a high waterfall above which is
a lake with eels that you can feed.


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